Monday, July 29, 2013


Kalaisms of the Day
Kala: "Mom guess where I put my cup!?"
Me: "Where?"
Kala: As he runs and opens the fridge "te-da!"
Me: "haha way to go buddy! Te-da!"
haha I love him.

He bumped Benson today and made him cry. After he apologized he tried to make him happy again so he whipped out the shaka sign and said over and over while making the hugest smiley face "Benson loot shata shata shata!" It was so funny. One true hawaiian white boy.

Menu Mondays

So everyone always asks how I could possibly make dinner every night. So I decided I would share in my secret. I make a menu. If I don't, I always get really stressed and flustered when it comes to dinner time and i will end up making a million trips to the grocery store and buy unnecessary things which is not easy on the wallet. Second people always ask what the heck I actually eat since I eat gluten free. I always try to explain that I just eat regular things but everyone still seems baffled. So for your viewing pleasure I'm going to post my menu each week with links to the recipes!
For me it's key not to assign meals to days because I need to feel I have some freedom and spontaneity. That's just what works for me!

This weeks menu:
Key west grilled chicken with brown rice and green beans
Thai chicken salad (new recipe hope it's delicious!)
BBQ Brisket with brown rice and corn
Ranch pork chops with baked potatoes and peas (as a side note I use gf cream of chicken soup, I prefer the pacific brand. Also I double the sauce or half the pork chops. I use the sauce as a gravy on my potatoes.)
Chili's chicken fajitas with all the fixings
Spicy bean and rice burritos (I usually get my gf tortillas at sprouts. i. love. sprouts.)

A little tip, I decide how busy my day is going to be and will use the crock pot recipes on days I know will be extra busy particularly in the evenings. Also, with it being summer and any extra heat in the house is very unwelcome over here so I put my crock pot in the garage (on a chair haha). Makes for a much cooler house.

Happy Eating!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Play Days

Today we played at the mall with some friends. Kala and his friend Tate were chasing each other around and wrestling. Full on tackling, with head locks, and flipping them over each other's bodies.
It. Was. Hilarious.
They were laughing and having so much fun.
Benson on the other hand was climbing up the slides and convinced that he was such a big boy.
And oh he is. He is growing up too fast.

Just a few things about the boys this week.

Benson has been starting to walk this week. He took 9-10 steps several times yesterday.
He actually got into the toilet today. I caught him just as he started dunking his hand in the water. Ew. Gross. Kala never did that. This boy keeps me on my toes.
He literally starts flailing when Kaulana gets home from his clinical because he is just so excited.
He actually plays cars. It is so cute. Is he really that big?
He loves playing ball.
And he thinks he's the top of the world when he's climbing the stairs.

Kala has been saying the funniest things lately too. For oopsies, he says "oopies" haha and it's all the time. He loves to say "OH WOW!" He also says "OOO HOO!" with a fist pump for woo hoo. It's hilarious he sounds like the pillsbury dough boy. He tells me I look beautiful when I get ready to go out. I love him.

A Day for the Books

The boys and I met up with some of our friends at Mesquite Groves pool yesterday. It was FANTASTIC. The boys had a ball. They were all over the place. It was fantastic. 
Definitely a day for the books. 
No whining.
No crying.
Lots of laughing and smiles.
My kind of morning. 
Oh it was so good for my heart to have a day like that. 
Pure happiness.

So blessed to have such amazing friends with such great boys. Thanks girls!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh to be Young

About a month ago we had sweet Evie over and we had another dance party. 
Friends + Dance parties = Mandatory

They both sure love to dance, but their dance techniques are very different. They are hilarious.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My First Born

Ok ok it's a little late but my sweet Kala is 3. How in the world did this happen. He has grown up so much in the past year. We had lots of fun partyin'. The saturday before his birthday we had a little family party for him and my nephew connor along with a celebration of mothers day. We went to Tia Rosa's then had cake at our house. Kala insisted on an ORANGE cake. Every time my mom asked what he wanted for his birthday, all the could talk about was a cake. Toys weren't even a thought in his mind all he was worried about was THE CAKE. He was so proud of his basketball cake and proceeded to tell everyone about it that called for his birthday. I love him.

i'm three!

He had asked my mom and step dad months before constantly for a couple weeks if they would get him a baseball and a bat for his birthday. He was SOOO EXCITED!

funny kid wants to swing left handed. Kaulana's hoping he'll be a switch hitter..
Right as the party came to a close his eye started getting goopy... pink eye. WOO HOO. So we stayed home from church the next day and kept to ourselves on his actual birthday. It turned out so nice though. We headed to the park and Kaulana and Kala played baseball and basketball while I took Benson to the doctor then we all played a little bit more when we got back.

Benson's First time swinging and he LOOVED it.

He liked Kaulana to throw it to him rather than hitting it from the t. Nice hit buddy.

a little flushed. takin a break.

Benson watched the ball so intently. He just wanted to get in there and play so bad.

love these boys

Then we headed to Red Robin for a fun birthday dinner. All Kala would talk about before we got there was getting some pizza. But then when he ordered he insisted on a corn dog. Funny boy.

Heaven. He was sooo happy.

notice the chocolate sauce lingering on his mouth. sweet boy.

It turned out so nice to have pink eye because we had some really good family time. Kala had a blast. 

I'm so grateful for my strong willed boy. 
He is so tender and kind. 
He absolutely adores his brother. 
He is very stubborn and wants to do things his own way. 
When he prays he says "dear heavenly father, thank you for, in the name of Jesus Christ amen." and he WILL NOT accept help. We are trying to teach him that it's ok to get help sometimes. 
He loves to be held (mostly because he says he "wants to be a baby like benson" and get more attention"). 
He loves reading books, playing cars and playing ball. 
He has some pretty awesome karate and break dancing moves. It's hilarious.
His best friend continues to be Evie who he talks about ALL THE TIME. 
He still BOUNCES... EVERYWHERE. He is all over the place.
He is very sensitive to others feelings. 
He idolizes his dad. 
He loves the temple and talks about going there all the time.
He's starting to have a really fun imagination.
He's learning a lot of new words and uses a lot more words.
He's starting to understand sarcasm and loves to tease us with trickery and jokes.
He loves loves loves nursery and cannot wait to go every week.
He refers to himself as, "but mom I'm a big boy now."

At his 3 year appointment
weight: 27 pounds - 10%
height 35.25 inches - 10%

He is little with a very big heart.
I love him. 
Days with him can be so crazy and tiring. But oh how I can't imagine this crazy life without him.