Monday, June 17, 2013


I recently read an article in my church's magazine called "Walking in Circles". It's been tested over and over and shown that on cloudy days, without a clear vision of a landmark to walk towards you end up walking in circles.
I have particular landmarks I like to face towards in my life. But sometimes I let THINGS cloud my mind, that makes me lose sight of those "landmarks".
So the past few days I've been pondering on the idea of how to keep my mind clear and centered on those landmarks.
I not only want to prevent myself and my family from walking in circles but to actually walk in a straight path.
There's about a million things that I could  do. But they all come back to this, centering myself and my family on Christ.
He is the only one that can calm every storm and clear every sky. And I am very grateful for that.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another one of those Moments

Kaulana got a new calling at church.
In the blessing he got from the high counselor I was reminded just how sweet and tenderly he loves me and our family.
I can be so tough on the guy.
Trust me I'm the first to admit it.
But I have been blessed with a man that has a truly kind and generous heart.
So thankful this guy chose me.
I am so lucky to be able to spend my life with him.
So thankful my boys get to call this man dad.
So grateful for these moments when everything is put into perspective.

Litlle Tapping Moments

One day I was watching this video, for the millionth time I find Nie so inspiring. One phrase caught my attention. Just like it always does. "There are moments in my life when my spirit taps my heart to remind me just why I still mortally exist." I have never been able to explain just how incredible as a mother, wife, and friend I feel when I have those moments when heaven feels almost tangible. And it's just that. Little tapping moments when my spirit touches my heart. I have never heard it so beautifully explained before that moment. Or at least I didn't truly HEAR it the way it touched me that day. I have thought about it daily since then.
Somedays I feel numb. Life seems to go uncontrollably fast sometimes and I feel like I am merely frozen in this chaos of a life. But then I have one of those moments when Benson snuggles into my shoulder. Or when Kala sees me dressed up and tells me that I look beautiful and that he loves me. Or when Kaulana prays for each of us individually in our companionship prayer. It brings me back to a more eternal perspective and shows me how blessed and loved I am. Reminds me heaven is so near.
Life is so full of so many little tapping moments. I hope I can be more aware of those moments which is where this blog comes into view.