Monday, January 20, 2014


We went on a much needed date this week.
It was so much fun!
It was a double date with some friends. Honestly the best time we've had in a while! 
We got ice cream then went bowling.
Kaulana rocked.
I less than rocked.
But we just had a blast.
It happened to be the bowling alley the hubbs first told me he loved me.
Oh sweet memories.

I was the only one that got velcro shoes. haha they said I have little kid feet. bahaha

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Ok excuse the not having posted in forever. I hate posting without pictures but I never get the chance to use the computer with kaulana always having it for school! But i just wanted to record a few things. Yesterday Benson gave us real kisses with his mouth closed for the first time. Melt my heart. It was the sweetest dang thing in the world. I started teaching Kala his letters. One letter per week, starting with A of course. We've been doing lots of simple activities. Honestly it was one of my only new years resolutions haha. I may have had a disaster house ALL WEEK LONG but oh the joy in that boys eyes was to die for. He has been so so happy all week. Yes we've had our melt downs. We are human over here. But oh there was so much kindness in this boys actions this week. He has never really been that into activities but he has been having a blast. He asks for them daily, if not more than once a day. Learning can be fun can't it! Kala went into sunbeams for the first time a few weeks ago. He has cried every week that I have dropped him off and clung to my dress for dear life. I guess he's only cried for like a minute each time. He loves it and talks about it all week. I have thought each time that he was just going to love it since it's all he talks about. Fat chance mom. I think it's just so much and he just is so tender hearted and nervous by lots of commotion. Benson goes into nursery in a couple weeks. I've gone in to warm him up. This first time he was playing so well they just told me to leave him no big deal since 21 kids had just left for sunbeams. Ya not a minute later I hear this bloody murder scream coming down the hallway. I didn't even make it into relief society. Yup that was my kid. Momma's boy to the core. Now he won't even let me move a muscle without starting to cry. Yes even if I'm holding him. he has to be within arms distance if not directly on my lap. Anyone that has seen him at home can vouch for me in saying that he is a one man circus act. It's a full time job just making sure he doesn't kill himself let alone get the housework done and food on the table. But somehow he just knows how to grab my heart. He officially says please as of a week or two ago (he has said thank you for a while) he signs it to me and says "pwees pwees pwees" over and over in the sweetest little voice. If he hasn't grabbed my attention he starts saying it more abruptly. and LOUD NOISES comes to mind. true to Benson fashion. I love that boy. I've also been training for a half marathon. It has been so incredible. I never thought my body would ever be able to run 9 miles. And yes in fact i ran 9.27 (a 9 minute 46 second avg mile too) on saturday! Holy smokes I'm so excited. I never realized just how much work went into training for a half marathon. Particularly through the holidays. It's been incredible though. The time to myself in the mornings while running is... there are just no words. Somedays I swear I just can't breathe as a mom, it's hard. Life has been particularly exhausting lately. But then heavenly father gives me a sunrise and oh how I know that he loves me. I'm so grateful that I have been able to set this goal for myself. It has been so exciting! The body is a beautiful thing that's for sure!

Here's to journaling a little bit more!