Sunday, October 20, 2013


Kala started soccer. This is the first of very many soccer, or any game practice for many years to come I feel. They practice for a half hour then have a half hour "game". It's only been lasting about ten minutes though. They try so hard to focus but 10 minutes is usually their max. The first day they only had a practice and he had such a good time. Particularly since he is on the same team with his good friend Tate. While everyone else is listening, they continue to chase each other around and wrestle. He loves it. But he gets distracted quite a bit. He's three what can you do? haha. After we left his first practice, he says "MOM can we go again tomorrow!?!?!" He was sad to find out it wouldn't be for another week. But he loves that he has his very own soccer ball and his very own shin guards. He loves soccer. 

Kala and Tate talking story while they are waiting for their turn.

Benson is quite jealous and wishes he could be on the field too. We have started bringing a ball just for him because he can't stay away from everyone else's.

cute Bethany (Tate's mom) holding Nolan

Coach Tyson (Tate's Dad) giving them direction...

And Kala and Tate chasing each other instead.

huddle at the end of practice

First soccer GAME

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Camping BLISS!

We had our ward camp out just a few weeks ago. It was SO MUCH FUN! The boys were in absolute heaven. Saying that they love being outside is a complete understatement. They were so happy playing with all of their friends no fighting. Just happy happy boys... besides Kala's bloody nose right at the end. and man it was bloody. Poor kid. At least I got pictures right?! We roasted way too many marshmellows. Rolled in the dirt... never enough times. And got some much needed fresh air. Oh it was so nice out. Kala spent the majority of his time digging in the dirt with some trucks. Benson just walked. and walked. and walked around. chased some balls too.. but all consisted in continually moving around. Just like he always does. But he wasn't confined and oh he was so happy. It was just so much fun. We hadn't been camping as a family and we were quite nervous. We brought the pack'n'play for benson to sleep in and we zipped two sleeping bags for Kaulana, Kala and I to sleep in but Benson wouldn't let me lay him down so we all four slept together and it wasn't too bad! we're ready for another go at it! We know what we're asking Santa for this year! :)

chasing the ball

happy happy happy



digging with friends...

Benson being thrown by daddy. and LOVING it.

he was already on to something new in his head

Our friends little boy kept hugging our other friends little girl because he just loves hugging and she kept BAWLING every time he hugged her. it. was. hilarious.

digging some more.

still digging...

and more digging. can you tell he loved it?

running around.

A family in our ward brought their dog. She was honestly so so sweet and so good with the kids. Benson LOVES dogs. He thinks they are so awesome. He chases them around saying WOOF WOOF WOOF.

Happy first bloody nose buddy.

Minute to Win it

We had a little couples game night. We were sad to be missing a few friends but still had a ton of fun with the Tiek's and the Justice's.  We had to balance 5 dice on a popsicle stick. Put panty hose on our heads with a ball in the foot and knocked over bottles (the boys opted to completely cover their faces with them. it was hilarious).  Shook gumballs from one 2 liter bottle to another (it's pretty difficult!!!). Kept three balloons off the ground for a minute (that was a fail, our ceilings are too low haha).  And last but not least we had a banana hung on a string around our waist and we had to roll an orange from one side of the room to the other. It was SO FUNNY! We feel so blessed to have so many couple friends to hang out with! Thanks for a good time guys!

one of the many awful videos. haha. kaulana zoomed up on my bum. that teaser.

Random from the past few months

We have been oh so busy. We only have one computer, which Kaulana is ALWAYS on doing school work and studying. I'm not complaining, he is such a hard worker, but it has made it very difficult to keep up on blogging. We are loving every minute of our crazy lives though. We have been so blessed.

Whose kids are those in their underwear? Ya those are mine. Haha. They love to be naked. The least amount of clothes the better. I have been babysitting our friends little boy Liam for some time now. Having three kids three and under has kept me quite busy to say the least. It's taught me a lot. Has forced me to be a lot more organized. Somedays I feel like i've just gone crazy but I've learned a lot. And I must say I'm so so happy we can finally get out of the house and to the park again. And so are the boys. All three of them.

 Kala loves to help. Especially if i'm cutting things up. Hence the plastic knife in the knife block. Sometimes I have to remind myself he's trying to help before I jump to the conclusion that he's just making a mess or picking on his brother. The lines get blurred sometimes. But he usually only has the best of intentions... usually.

My sister's oldest kiddo got baptized last month. So proud of the sweet boy TJ is and the good choices that he makes. So they had a little get together along with a little celebration for her golden birthday. It was so much fun to get to spend time with my family down at her house in Sahuarita. So sad I didn't get more pictures.

I love these two.