Friday, March 14, 2014

Growing Up

that face kills me.
He is just growing up way too fast.
His words this last two weeks have just exploded.

"luh dyou"-love you
"ni-ni"-night night
see ya

Please and thank you are still some of my favorites though. he is just so sweet.

I know there's more I just can't think of them.

meows like a cat
barks like a dog
can make an elephant noise
roar like a tiger

but oh birds are his favorite. Honestly our entire walk consists of "WOOT WOOT WOOT!" with finger points to all of the birds he finds. And he has the best eye for them let me tell you.

He can consistently open all the doors in the house. Yes that includes the bathroom and the pantry. Heaven help me.

He is in mostly 2t clothes. yes the size directly under Kala. I honestly just took a shirt out of Kala's drawer and put it direction on Benson's being.

He thinks he is large and in charge. and he Kind of is.

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