Wednesday, February 19, 2014

this mom's one man circus

This guy turned 18 months a few wells ago and I thought that regardless of how much more blogging I needed to get caught up on I'd post a little on him instead!
He is seriously a one man circus.
He climbs onto and into everything. Hence there is no longer a chair next to my hutch. The chairs at my table lay flat on the ground. And the baby gates stay locked for fear of what he'll get into by himself.
He says please and thank you all the time, except when I ask.
He says "wow" for anything he thinks is cool.
He says "wee" for anything he thinks is fun whether it's sliding down the slide or climbing up a ladder...
He says "mummy!" In a very excited tone only rarely when he absolutely loves what he's eating.
He definitely knows where the m&m jar is and goes over saying please ever so sweetly but quickly escalate to I screeching freaking out of a please quickly if he feels I am not listening. Even if I am and I'm just telling him no!
He loves loves loves his Aden and Anias blankets. And when I say love I mean love. And he just chews the heck out of it. Particularly the tags. It's so funny.
He loves mommy and daddy's toothbrushes.
He loves bath time.
He will only sign when he says more but it's on so gentle and sweet. It's hard though because he has a very loud voice otherwise so sometimes I don't realize he is signing until he is freaking out on me.
He snuggles into my shoulder melts my heart every. Single. Time.
My favorite is when I get home from my runs in the morning and he has just woken up he comes running around the corner giggling and so happy to see me. It makes me feel so happy.
He is super intense.
He has cried in nursery every single week so I've had to stay with him.
He is very apprehensive of new people.
He is so brave.
And very calculated.
Last week a hard struggling while I was making dinner and I turned to tell Kala to get off his brother when it was actually Benson laying on him. I warned Kala that this day would come.
He just seems so grown up all of a sudden and I just want to breathe in every single moment.

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